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18 April 2008

The Library

What exactly is the point of a library? You would think this is an insane proposition. You would probably say: "To hold books." But per my adventures this afternoon, my observations told me a whole new story.

First use: A construction site. A few weeks ago a friend of mine observed that the University should have a new mascot. The crane. The only way inside through the west doors. My entire experience here has consisted of half a library. Thankfully, it appears that work is being completed, but some parts of the library are uninhabitable due to the constant banging.

Second use: A fashion show. Oh wait. That goes for all of campus. Here comes Spring and the new summer fashions...all I have to say is, watch out.

Third use: Nap-time. Ten feet into the library and guaranteed you will find a dosing student. Whether it be a book they rest on, or a chair. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 sleeping people within eye-sight.

Fourth use: An exercise routine. The place is huge. Hundreds of shelves hold thousands of books. Forget your run of the mill Dewey Decimal system. This place adds a whole new level of organization! The government papers have an entire section to themselves (good riddance I say, keep the boring stuff out of the way.) Particularly, I was searching for books on Latin and Greek today. Somehow, even though I used the Quick Search, I ended up in the religion section. There were books in other languages, but that wasn't helpful. The language books are located a floor above and on the other side. I found the Greek books there looked around, then headed to where I was told books in Latin were. I ended up back in the religion section. Lugging my backpack back the other way, I found the Latin books 3 shelves away from the Greek. 4 trips us and down the stairs, and about 4 trips back and forth across the floors. With a backpack, who needs a treadmill and weights?

You never know what else a library will do for you. A place to check email, play online games, read Roald Dahl...or simply get lost and never return to civilization. Check out your local library and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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i i eee said...

Indeed, a crane should be the new mascot.

I love that library. Mainly because I worked there for three years. But the construction wore me down. I knew the entire library like the back of my hand, and then they would suddenly move everything from the 5th floor to the 2nd. I was quite befuddled. And the banging was annoying. As were the chemical fumes.

Great blog, btw.