Observing people. They're unpredictable, mostly intelligent (or so we like to hope), and utterly fascinating. Observing buildings and objects, which are made by people, becoming as unpredictable and strangely fascinating. Observing all the other things that could possible happen on a University campus.

18 April 2008

Language and Communications

I am aware that it has been said before that the organizational skills of the architect were significantly impaired. Today an adventure confirmed this accusation. Who in their right mind would make the 3rd floor of a building near unaccessible? It's almost a test of patience and endurance. "You may enter the realm of English and Writing, under the condition you are able to find the single elevator, or the two corner staircases that reach us."

Thankfully, my department is on the first floor. Much kinder. "Just turn left, but don't blink or you'll miss it" rather than an MIA threat. Yes, I will have to venture to the elusive 3rd floor on occasion, but that is only a minor component. This building is two words. A puzzle. Only for smart people. In other words, good luck. May the force of direction be with you.


Jim said...

No kidding. You can't even find the restroom in that place. I think I even saw a minotaur walking around in there....

ww said...

Imagine what the building was like before they put up the signs with the arrows that point you to different places. I often encounter people wandering around in the hallways and give them directions. It seems to me that the building was designed so that almost every room would have a window either to the outside or an atrium. I say "almost" because, of course, my department's classroom doesn't have a window. :)