Observing people. They're unpredictable, mostly intelligent (or so we like to hope), and utterly fascinating. Observing buildings and objects, which are made by people, becoming as unpredictable and strangely fascinating. Observing all the other things that could possible happen on a University campus.

18 April 2008

Garbage Moderator

The garbage collector dresses in a white jumpsuit, hat, face-mask, and giant rubber gloves. He pulled up to the first garbage can outside the student center, and pulled it out. It was only 1/4 full, but he tossed in the back of his small car/cart, and inserted a new bag. 15 yards away sat the next can full of trash. He got back in the car, and drove to it. Pausing at a lunch table, he picked at something stuck in the wood with his big rubber gloves. It didn't budge, he flicked it, then left it alone. Again, the bag was only 1/4 full of trash, but he threw it in the back with the other nearly empty black bags. He replaced it with a new one, put the holding ring over the top, and set the lid on, lopsided.

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