Observing people. They're unpredictable, mostly intelligent (or so we like to hope), and utterly fascinating. Observing buildings and objects, which are made by people, becoming as unpredictable and strangely fascinating. Observing all the other things that could possible happen on a University campus.

18 May 2010


A sign posted on the doors of the ladies locker room:


Of course, it is now my routine to shower there after work-out classes. It hasn't been too bad, though near the end it feels like my head was dunked in a frozen lake.

The ladies locker room is actually quite convenient, with towels you can check out with just your ID card, showers (with curtains, thank goodness), hair dryers and plenty of room. Also, it is quite warm in there, to make up for the freezing shower. Though, a note on the shower curtains: They are just wide enough to cover the shower opening, if the material was completely stretched out. But, as shower curtains go, the curtain is slightly waved. Luckily there is no one else in there at the time I am.

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