Observing people. They're unpredictable, mostly intelligent (or so we like to hope), and utterly fascinating. Observing buildings and objects, which are made by people, becoming as unpredictable and strangely fascinating. Observing all the other things that could possible happen on a University campus.

04 September 2008


At a University you would expect those who inhabit the campus to be people who use their brains. Aka - rational and intelligent. Yet, there are cigarette receptacles at nearly every entry to a building (though I vaguely remember the music building steps being devoid of such containers. hint?). Men and women alike walk around with their fiery lollipops. The smell is atrocious. The thought that they can't possibly be aware of the damage they are inflicting upon their bodies, other wise they wouldn't get 10 feet near a light of a cigarette. I have heard people say that smoking is a stress reliever. That need I can understand. Perhaps we should sponsor a daily concert by those from the music building. Music that is fun, yet relaxing. Get people's minds off their immense load of schoolwork. Maybe these kids missed the day in health class that discussed the effects of smoking to ones body. Maybe they don't ever watch TV or listen to the radio to hear the advertisements against the bad habit of smoking. Maybe these are the people who have poor peripheral vision and can't see the WARNING signs at the bottom of magazine ads for cigarettes. Maybe these people have short term memory loss....

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Spencer said...

Excuse me, sir? SIR!? Your popsicle is on fire!!