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17 June 2008


It's everywhere. It's not something you can simply pick up and throw in the trash. A task that seems mundane but it most effective when dealing with dust, is vacuuming. Warning in advance though, if you haven't vacuumed for an extended period of time...the office in the Film Studies department is one such room that should come with a warning sign. The office looks fairly clean, with it's industrial blue carpet. As I began to vacuum the office, small puffs of dust came from the floor, proving that the room was not as clean as it looked. So much dust had accumulated, that each puff of dust was enough to reach my nose from the floor. Note to all those with carpet: Vacuum often, even when it doesn't look dirty. Unless you like sneezing, then you'll want to collect all the dust you can get! Don't worry, it's not hard to find and it doesn't take long. Where does dust come from anyway? It's not just dirt...what is it?


ww said...

I actually know, but I'm not sure you want to... the "gross" factor is pretty high.

Sling said...

ww is right,it's pretty gross.
But,I think you're mature enough to handle it...
Dust is mostly dead skin that has sloughed off our bodies.