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27 May 2008

Bathrooms - The Student Union

If you travel to the basement, you will discover a small room at the back. Here are the fixtures of complete modernism. How can a sink, soap and drying be improved? By stuffing them all into one fixture. When you insert your hands into the hole in the wall, a portion of soap is distributed to your palms. Immediately after, water comes out. When the water shuts off, a dryer fires up. Convenient? Sure. And space saving, as well as decreasing waste of paper towels. But personal experience is as follows:
Shock, then glee at a new toy. Reading of instructions that are posted above each "sink". Inserting of hands into hole. Finding soap on hands, trying to rub it in, but water starts immediately washing the soap from hands before it does any good. The water came out quite forcefully, as to leave water all over my front. Removal of hands from near scalding water. Irritation at the continuing hot water, long after soap was removed. Finally, water shut off, and dryer started. Hot air dried hands quickly. Removal of hands and insertion of shirt to dry off. Utter amazement at such an absurd contraption, yet satisfaction at successfully navigating the new way to wash your hands.


ww said...

Ha ha! I love the idea of a bathroom series. Watch out for the first-floor women's bathroom closer to the northern side of OSH; it's a doozy.

Jim said...

What? You girls have it sooo lucky. The dryer actually finishes drying off your hands? It gets no where close to that in the men's room, and we also have to emerge with a wet front... but not from the water spraying.